Where Can I Put My Solar?

Where Can I Put My Solar?

Article Author: Meghan Harmon, Director of Marketing & Media

Efficiency is Key

A qualified sales consultant chooses the size, direction and pitch to get you the most efficient system possible. A south-facing roof pitch is most efficient, and west-facing is second. In some cases, the client’s roof space doesn’t allow for the system to be placed on either side. In this case, the consultant manipulates the system design to make sure it offsets their energy needs. Here are some of the best choices regarding location of a solar system for home or business.

Rooftop Solar

Typically, in the city limits , there aren’t many options other than roof-mounted solar panels. Due to limitations concerning how far a ground mounted system needs to be from a fence on the property, roof-top solar is often the only choice. Rooftop solar is also a popular option because, the majority of homeowners aren’t too concerned about the home’s aesthetics appearance. The demand for solar has increased rapidly the past few years, and it is hardly uncommon to see a system proudly displayed from the front of someone’s home.

Ground Mounts

For homeowners who have the space on their property, a ground mounted system is a great option. Ground mounts often prove more efficient for a number of reasons. Because of the freedom in the design phase, you can choose the orientation and pitch of the solar system. Solar production can varies depending on these factors, and the limitations of your roof can sometimes cause a system to be less efficient if you’re limited in options.

Metal Roofing/Sheds

The foundation on which the solar system is built is also an important factor to consider. The majority of rooftop solar is installed on composition or tile shingles. Unfortunately, these materials aren’t built to withstand extreme weather conditions and risk failing long before your solar system.

Along with a thorough inspection, a sales consultant should always inquire about the integrity of the roof. It is recommended a re-roof be performed if the shingles are older than 20-25 years. Metal roofs are known to last as long as 40 years, depending on where you live and the climate conditions. The procedure for installing on a metal building is relatively hassle-free because the added load is minimal.

Solar Structures

A solar structures is easy to construct and serves as a means for businesses to provide shaded parking for their customers. Commercial carport installations recently trended with large companies like Google, Whole Foods, and even Walmart. These businesses joined many businesses in an effort to promote a sustainable company image and reduce operation costs. Solar structures not only serve as an added-value for commercial work, they are also completely viable for residential solar. The notion that it only makes sense for a homeowner to construct a carport if rooftop solar has been ruled out is just untrue. Similar to ground mounts, this alternative can provide more freedom during the design phase to maximize efficiency of the system. In contrast, solar structures are constructed much taller than ground mounts. This is to serve as a more efficient use of space for storage capability and shading.

Whichever option you choose, our team is happy to provide you with any of the above solar solutions. We will make a professional recommendation based on the information provided to us. However, the customer ultimately decides which solution best fits their needs. Our team hopes that we have explained all the options available to you when it comes to where you can place your solar system.

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