Solar Service Options

Keep your system protected all year long by choose from our affordable solar care options, or bundle services for even more savings.

Keep panels free of dirt & grime

Solar panel cleanings using the proper equipment can make all the difference when it comes to energy production. Our crew uses a proven technique to remove dirt & debris that can reduce efficiency of your panels.

Filtered water

Soft brushes

Friendly Techs

Visual inspection

Manage your energy data with ease

Built for convenience and security, Know TrueUp offers users a way to gain insight into their
complete energy data profile and minimize their True-Up bill.

*Product may vary from depiction. Service is dependent on utility provider, and solar inverter manufacturer. Additional fees may apply.

Increase potenial power

Have solar but not enough? Request a free quote for a system addition from our team of premium installers.
Produce more solar power to accommodate the needs of your growing home or live more comfortably
during months of intense weather.

Solar panel addition

Are you considering adding panels to your existing system? If your system was undersized, or if you've increased your electricity usage since installation, a system addition may be right for you.

Quality Install

Best Financing

Free Audit

Pro Service Plans™

Choose from our affordable monthly packages to customize the right level of service for you.
Pick a plan and fill out our customer profile form to get started today.

Basic Plan

  • 1 Panel Cleaning per year
  • 1 Visual Inspection per year
  • 30-Day Trial of Know TrueUp®

Silver Plan

  • 2 Panel Cleanings per year
  • 2 Visual Inspections per year
  • 6-Mo. of Know TrueUp®

Worry-Free Plan

  • 3 Panel Cleanings per year
  • 3 Visual Inspection per year
  • 90-Day Trial of Know TrueUp®

Panel Cleaning

Clean panels = higher efficiency. Get the most out of your system with regular panel cleanings from our team of expert technicians.

Visual Inspection

Know that your system doesn’t have any major issues by having our team perform a quick visual “check-up”.

Know TrueUp® Monitoring

Catch system issues quickly to eliminate down time and unwanted costs associated with low solar production.
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