Critter Guard Installation

Protect your system from damage caused by animals living on or around your rooftop with a long-lasting critter guard installation.

System Inspection Services

High solar production means low electricity bills. Keep your system running in top shape by scheduling one of our many services today!

System Upgrade/Additions

Know you have an expert technician working on your system, everything from system repair and upgrades to panel cleanings.

Professional Panel Cleanings

Our team of expert technicians can provide you with any solar care services you need at a reasonable price.

Critter Guard

Protection from critters

System Inspection

Diagnose production issues


Increase your power

Panel Cleaning

Keep panels free of debris

The Benefits of Service

Having your solar serviced regularly by a professional can increase production efficiency and reduce possibility of system failure. Maximize your potential solar savings with Pros services.

Packages from $9.95/mo

Increase Solar Production
Keep solar production high and bills low with our panel cleaning, inspection, and monitoring combo package for just $19.95/mo.
Catch Issues w/ in 24 Hours
With our in-house software Know TrueUp, we can catch issues quickly and minimize system down time and eliminate high bills.
Maximize Investment Savings
Solar is a costly investment, Solar Maintenance Pros is here to keep your system running at optimal efficiency, maximizing performance and potential savings.

Newly Available Products

We are able to offer our clients amazing service and exclusive products
only available through our company.

Know TrueUp® Monitoring

Sign up for your free trial of our exclusive solar monitoring software today.

System Troubleshooting

Experiencing production issues? Have one of our technicians perform a quick inspection.

“Their crew was very friendly, the workers were efficient and wore safety equipment which impressed me. I don't think they were here more than 1/2 hour setting up, cleaning panels, and clean up. Highly recommend."

Sue Sloper5 Stars on Google
“Thank you Solar Maintenance Pros for having the best customer service, prices & all around service! We are very pleased to have done business with you & will be a forever customer. I recommend you to everyone I know!!"

Renee Mancini5 Stars on Google
“Excellent experience from the appointment to the tech who preformed the service cleaning. This was our first time having our panels cleaned and plan to use their team for all my future service cleanings."

John Luttrull5 Stars on Google
"Always pleasant to work with Solar Maintenance Pros. They regularly communicate with us before service visits. Panel cleanings to keep our system optimized, everything is as it should be on our roof!"

William Bowlin5 Stars on Google

Pros Service Plans™

Choose from our affordable monthly packages to customize the right level of service for you.
Pick a plan and fill out our customer profile form to get started today.

Basic Plan

  • 1 Panel Cleaning per year
  • 1 Visual Inspection per year
  • 30-Day Trial of Know TrueUp®

Silver Plan

  • 2 Panel Cleanings per year
  • 2 Visual Inspections per year
  • 6-Mo. of Know TrueUp®

Worry-Free Plan

  • 3 Panel Cleanings per year
  • 3 Visual Inspection per year
  • 90-Day Trial of Know TrueUp®

Panel Cleaning

Clean panels = higher efficiency. Get the most out of your system with regular panel cleanings from our team of expert technicians.

Visual Inspection

Know that your system doesn’t have any major issues by having our team perform a quick visual “check-up”.

Know TrueUp® Monitoring

Catch system issues quickly to eliminate down time and unwanted costs associated with low solar production.
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