Panel Cleaning Services

We provide our clients with a quality of service we believe no other crew can match. Our team is the very best in the Valley, specializing in premium solar care.

Reasons to Clean Solar Panels

There are several reasons to clean your solar panels, but the most important is the payback you
receive from maintaining the highest efficiency possible by keeping PV modules free of dirt & debris.


Boost Efficiency

Keeping panels free of debris will allow your solar panels to absorb the maximum sunlight available.

Reduce Calcification

Tap water can cause calcification which can impact production and even damage panel integrity.

Keep Bills Low

Increased efficiency = lower bills. More of your monthly needs are covered by your production.

Catch Electrical Issues

Solar Maintenance Pros technicians are trained to identify electrical/wiring issues.

Maintain Aesthetics

Our techs use a eco-friendly cleaning solution to keep your panels gleaming.

Minimize Downtime

If we catch an issue with your system, we can give you a quote to get it fixed in a timely manner.

You Can Spot the Difference

Our technicians use advanced cleaning techniques to rid panels of dirt & debris so
they can absorb the maximum amount of sunlight.

Premium Service at a Great Price

Solar Maintenance Pros invests the time and money to ensure we have the best tools at our disposal
to serve our client base of solar customers.

Only De-ionized Water Used

Because hard water can cause calcium build up on panels, our maintenance team only uses filtered water on every panel cleaning job.

Trained Technicians on Every Job

Why would you call a window washer to clean your panels when our techs are experienced, solar pros trained to identify issues.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solution

We gently scrub solar panels with a highly-concentrated cleaning solution to cut through grime and leave your panels shining.

What Our Clients Say

Read about our 5 star service directly from our clients as they share
their experiences with the public.

“Their crew was very friendly, the workers were efficient and wore safety equipment which impressed me. I don't think they were here more than 1/2 hour setting up, cleaning panels, and clean up. Highly recommend."

Sue Sloper5 Stars on Google
“Thank you Solar Maintenance Pros for having the best customer service, prices & all around service! We are very pleased to have done business with you & will be a forever customer. I recommend you to everyone I know!!"
Renee Mancini5 Stars on Google
“Excellent experience from the appointment to the tech who preformed the service cleaning. This was our first time having our panels cleaned and plan to use their team for all my future service cleanings."
John Luttrull5 Stars on Google
"Always pleasant to work with Solar Maintenance Pros. They regularly communicate with us before service visits. Panel cleanings to keep our system optimized, everything is as it should be on our roof!"
William Bowlin5 Stars on Google
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