Solar System Audit & Report

Buying or selling a home with solar? Provide value for clients by giving the homeowner insight into their solar home purchase.

Real Estate & Solar in the Central Valley

Solar energy is becoming more and more common in today’s marketplace. As the local area’s leading solar provider, we want to offer a solution to those looking to purchase existing homes with solar as well. Our team helps provide the reassurance needed to feel comfortable with their investment. This starts with a full system audit to ensure the solar panels are working properly, and a report detailing the system’s performance information, age and remaining warranty. Once the prospective homeowner (or seller) knows the condition of the system, they can feel more confident about the value of their solar powered home.

We address unanswered questions about the system:
• How old is the system?
• Is it working properly?
• How much energy does it produce?
• How much money/energy will it save the new homeowner?
• What is the remaining lifetime warranty?

Accurate, dependable inspection services starting at just $300.00


We help determine what the system is worth.


Learn how the system works and how to maintain it.

Peace of Mind

Know if it is working properly with a top-down inspection.


Get a year of protection with our solar certification.

System Health Checklist

Have our Pros team perform a full system audit and report on the existing solar system, to check for system production and technical issues. This can reassure future owners that their system won’t run into any unexpected service issues down the line. After the inspection is complete, our team will provide a detailed report identifying any issues with suggested solutions and pricing to fix them.

1. Solar system value estimation
2. Lifetime savings estimation
3. Ensure components are working
4. Check communication connectivity
5. Remaining lifetime production estimation
6. Calculated annual savings value

Available Plans & Services

Solar Home Audit & Report

Top-down inspection with report

2 professional panel cleanings

1 year of Know True-Up® monitoring

In-person customer orientation

Service Cost: $300.00

Solar Certification

1-year maintenance guarantee

Service Cost: Starting at $200.00*

*for up to 30 panels. $10 per panel, with a maximum of $400.

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