Rest easy knowing you’re protected all year round.



Don’t wait until you get a high annual bill for service.

Solar Maintenance Pros was founded by the owners of Solar Negotiators and a long-time local solar installer to provide people with long-term solar care. Veteran operated and locally owned, the Pros team aims to demonstrate professionalism and competency on all levels of service.

Professional service, affordable solutions. Introducing some of our most popular services, recommended by our base of over 1,500 clients.

Panel Cleaning

A professional panel cleaning using proper equipment and techniques helps you get the most out of your solar system.

Solar Aesthetics

Take your solar to the next level with solar aesthetics, designed to keep your system safeguarded and protected all year-round.

Critter Guard

The installation of critter guard around the edge of your solar panels makes them a less desirable living area for birds and other animals.

Don’t let dirty panels cost you up to 30% in production.

It’s easy to spot the difference. A dirty solar panel produces less electricity than a clean one. In fact, production can actually dip up to 30% with dirty panels, but any visible debris on your panels can possibly block their ability to soak up the sun’s rays.