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Who are the Solar Maintenance Pros?

Licensed to install, maintain, and protect your system, the team at Solar Maintenance Pros can help you with any size project. It’s easy to put your faith in a company who continues to work hard to protect your solar investment. Solar Maintenance Pros started as a panel cleaning company in 2013, and has expanded over the years to meet the growing needs of the solar  industry. Many customers reached out to us, claiming their solar contractor either was out of business, or did not offer the maintenance packages they needed to upkeep their system over the years. We are happy to provide service to a client base of  now over 1,500 customers in the Central Valley of California.

Our company mission

We understand that you made a significant investment in your financial future by going solar. Our team is focused on helping protect that investment all year round with the many services we offer to existing solar customers.  Let us adopt your  system to keep your solar production high and your energy bills low. Our team offers a variety of services such as: system audits, panel cleaning, system upgrades and additions, inspections, repair, critter guard installation, and solar aesthetics. Solar Maintenance Pros is here to provide outstanding long-term solar care to valley residents. Our crew of trained professionals are ready to tackle jobs of any size, and provide custom, affordable pricing based on your needs.

Meet Our Team

Leroy Coffman

President and General Manager

Leroy Coffman brings 15 years of strategic planning, sales, and operations management experience to the Solar Maintenance Pros team. Leroy holds an MBA from the Craig School of Business at CSU Fresno and a bachelor's degree in finance and entrepreneurship from the University of Southern California. Leroy currently serves as Company President and General Manager of Solar Maintenance Pros. He is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the company by working with the management team to establish long-range goals and strategies on how to meet them.

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Jim Pugh

Responsible Managing Officer

Jim is the Responsible Managing Officer at Solar Maintenance Pros Inc., overseeing all customer service and field performance of the company. Along with the owners, Jim exercises direct supervision and control of construction operations. He has 25 years of management and solar experience, having owned his own local contracting business since 1992.

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Mike Perez

Director of Field Operations

Mike Perez began his career in the solar field eight years ago. He first started off on the commercial side, managing the installation of a large multi-family solar project in Northern California. His interest in solar continued to grow each day, and he became very involved in the technical side of solar. Mike developed a knowledge base that extended beyond just installing solar systems. After installing residential and commercial projects for about 3 years, he saw a need for a new division in the company he was working for: Quality Assurance. Mike has overseen the various solar service areas in management roles of Operations Manager, Quality Assurance Manager and Services Manager. He brings this experience along with him to our Solar Maintenance Pros team as Director of Field Operations. He oversees the field activities in the solar services, operations and maintenance field.

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Ren N.

Director of Solar Services

Ren has been with the company since late 2015. She served as a Combat Medic in the CA Army National Guard for 5 years. She currently runs and over sees the administrative side of Solar Maintenance Pros to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. As the Director of Solar Services (DSS), Ren is responsible for the administrative overview of all solar services provided by the company. This position manages office personnel and field personnel (when needed). She/he ensures that there are processes in place to allow a quick and easy work flow. The DSS reports new processes, reviews and complaints to the General Manager. The Director of Solar Services also answers questions from clients and ensures that all complaints are taken care of in a timely manner.

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Chloe Fradue

Maintenance Services Supervisor

Chloe Fradue moved to Fresno from San Francisco. She is our Solar Maintenance Services Supervisor. In her role, she acts as a liaison between customers and Solar Maintenance Pros to ensure that the lines of communication remain open. Customer service is an integral part of Solar Maintenance Pro's customer value proposition. Chloe ensures that quality and service exceed customer expectation. She studied paralegal studies at SCCCD and will continue studies at San Joaquin College of Law. She is a sixteen year customer service veteran and has represented large corporations such as: Aetna, Verizon, and the Better Business Bureau. Chloe has built a solid foundation for customer relations through her talented advisory services. Chloe specializes in applying her interpersonal skills and communication to bring business and the public together through self regulation.

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Theresa W.

CSR/Monitoring Tech

Theresa is a Southern California native with 17 years in law enforcement as a dispatcher. She has a keen eye for advanced analytics and applies her experience in message taking, tracking, and recording techniques to her role as monitoring technician.

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Desjhon Glenn

Account Manager

Desjhon Glenn is a Fresno, Ca Native. He began his extensive education plan in 2008 where he attended California State University Fresno (CSUF). He switched from Fresno State to University of Phoenix (Fresno) where he obtained his Bachelors in Business Management in 2014, finally obtained his Masters of Business Administration in 2016. He specializes in customer service for the last 12 years. With extensive experience in retail of various fast-paced, team-based environments. He has been a dedicated Childcare Center Director for 13 yrs in which he demonstrated effective leadership in all areas of his job; including all marketing aspects of the business. He then merged to tap into his talents as a sales associate. His attention to customer relation and satisfaction allows him to build loyal and long-term relationships with customers while consistently achieving individual sales goals. He has worked for major corporations such as Kohl’s, T-mobile, Browns Enchanted Castle, Fresno Unified School District, and Fresno County’s Reading & Beyonds after school program.

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Josh Gulke

Electrician/Senior Technician

Josh Gulke started his professional career in the solar industry over 5 years ago working for a local solar company. However, his apprenticeship in the industry started in 1999. He currently serves the Solar Maintenance Pros crew as the main electrician/field technician, performing troubleshooting and system repairs for clients.

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Dawn Souza

Quality Assurance Manager

Dawn Souza joins the Solar Maintenance Pros team after over twenty years at Matson Alarm Company. She brings with her, the leadership qualities she gained from years of managing their service department before switching to commercial and residential sales. Dawn serves as our Quality Assurance Manager. She was born here in Fresno, CA but was raised in Northern California and returned to the Central Valley after graduating high school. Dawn helps current solar customers find the right solutions to maintain and care for their systems long-term.

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Ruben Cerna-Vega

Warehouse Technician (VETERAN)

Ruben Vega brings his no-nonsense attitude from serving 5 years in the Marines to the Solar Maintenance Pros team. He serves as our Warehouse Technician, applying his 5 years of installation experience to the logistics side of the solar business. Before gaining experience in the solar industry, Ruben took a training course at Proteus. Ruben was then hired at Solar City as roof lead, and assistant crew lead. His favorite part about working at Solar Maintenance Pros is working out is challenging himself, particularly working with electrical aspect of the solar installation.

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Ryan Wells

Maintenance Tech Supervisor

Ryan Wells grew up and has lived here locally in the Central Valley all his life. He considers himself fortunate to have had an opportunity to join a organization like Solar Maintenance Pros. He currently supports our team in the field, supervising our crew of maintenance technicians.

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Gonzalo Sandoval

Crew Foreman

Serving as Crew Foreman, Gonzalo provides his team with exceptional leadership skills. He completed a thorough solar PV course before joining our team last year at Solar Maintenance Pros, and he was promoted after demonstrating his dedication to the company. Gonzalo brings 4 years of professional experience in the industry: 3 years specifically in the residential division and 1 year in commercial division. His favorite aspect of working in solar is being part of a team that does their best to make sure every job is done professionally and on-time.

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Isaac Rowlen

Field/Office Liasion

Isaac Rowlen has lived in Fresno since 2001, he moved from Ohio with his parents. He brings over a decade of construction experience, working in the industry since the young age of 12 at his father's roofing company. From there he transitioned to solar when he joined the Solar Maintenance Pros team. As Warehouse Technician, Isaac organizes our current inventory and stages materials for installation and service jobs. He is known by his friends and colleagues for having a great sense of humor and always being positive and professional.

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Ken Liu

Senior Field Technician

Ken Liu is our Senior Service Technician, performing tasks such as troubleshooting, system inspections, repairs, and system expansions. He first started his career in the solar industry in 2015, working alongside his current coworker Josh at another local solar business.

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Cameron Voss

Junior Field Technician (VETERAN)

Cameron is a Junior Field Technician on the Solar Maintenance Pros crew. Before joining the team, Cameron had started his own panel cleaning company ``The Clean-Cut Guys``. He has been a crew member of Solar Maintenance Pros since its start, and has always proven himself in the field. Cameron is known by his colleagues and clients to provide quick, professional service.

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Fabian Granda

Lead Installer

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Javier Ramirez

Installation Crew (Veteran)

Javier Ramirez is a valley native, born in Fresno. He and his family moved to San Joaquin,CA at a young age, where he attended Tranquility High School before joining the U.S. Marine Corps in 2005. Javier served four years in the marines before starting his solar career. He attended a 6-week PV installation training program at the William M. Maguy School of Education. After he completed his solar education course, he was hired on to the SolarCity installation crew and worked there for two years. Javier currently applies his knowledge and training to his work as a solar installer on our Solar Maintenance Pros crew.

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Brad Hodges

Field Support Tech. (Veteran)

Brad Hodges is a U.S. Navy veteran, who served in the nuclear power division. He graduated from GRID alternatives solar training program. Brad assists our management team with inventory and organization of the crew’s warehouse.

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Omar Sandoval

Installation Crew Member

Omar is a part of our elite install crew. He helps to ensure each project is completed professionally and on time. He is known by his peers for his eagerness to learn and teach himself new skills.

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Angel Sandoval

Panel Cleaning Technician

Angel Sandoval works as a panel cleaning technician on our Maintenance Pros team. He helps to ensure each project is completed professionally and on time.

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Christian Short

IT Consultant

Christian is a Fresno native with a background in Computer Science. He has been a coder since middle school, and is currently acquiring an Associates Degree at Fresno City College; Where he will then transfer to a four year program at a university. He has advanced skills in hand-coded HTML, while optimizing pages for faster loading. Christian has the ability to develop advanced multi-browser and object-oriented JavaScript. He has developed multi-platform web applications and scripts for Windows applications. He is a multi talented individual that uses his skills to assist in our Monitoring department.

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